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Quakertown DUI What Happens to My Driving License

If you received a DUI in or around the Quakertown area, you will want to discuss with a Quakertown Driving Under the Influence Lawyer to see if you can keep your license.  Attorney Gail Marr offers free consultations and can discuss with you the important issues surrounding your license.

It is important to realize that your license is at significant risk!  Specifically, even on a first offense Quakertown DUI, you are facing up to a 1-year loss of license.  Most people are shocked to hear that the penalties are so steep, but it is critical to understand the DUI penalties in Pennsylvania and Bucks County.  Frequently, an experienced DUI lawyer will be able to fight to help you keep your license.  Even when the loss of a license will occur, a Quakertown lawyer may be able to delay the loss of your license.  Thus, it is critical you speak with Gail Marr, Esquire, to discuss the potential strategies to help you keep your license or minimize the impact on your driving privileges.

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There are many factors that go in to whether you can keep your license.  The potential for an Occupational Limited License (also known as a “Bread and Butter License” or “Work License”) is important to discuss with a Quakertown DUI Lawyer.  As you may anticipate, getting a work license comes with an application process and significant restrictions.

If you are an out-of-state driver who had a DUI in the Quakertown area, the laws become even more complex.  The impact on your driving privileges is dependent on your prior criminal history, what you are charged with in Quakertown, and what state you are licensed in.

As it is apparent, one of the biggest risks to a person charged with a DUI in Quakertown is the threat of a license suspension.  It behooves you to contact qualified Quakertown DUI lawyers to make sure your rights are protected.

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