DUI Process in Quakertown

Quakertown DUI Lawyer Process for Court

There are 3 steps to a DUI that has occurred in or around Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Preliminary Hearing

After your arrest for driving under the influence, you will have a Preliminary Hearing.  This hearing is vital to your case.  Specifically, it is your first opportunity to:

  1. Get the case dismissed, or
  2. Begin negotiations on charges
  3. Get some charges withdrawn by the police, trooper, or Assistant District Attorney
  4. Apply for ARD if it is your first DUI offense
  5. Get testimony of witnesses and officers on record by using a stenography

The purpose of the preliminary hearing is not to have a full trial.  Instead, the District Judge must hear whether there is enough evidence for the charges to continue on in the process.  It is important to have a Quakertown DUI Lawyer who has experience in getting cases dismissed at your Preliminary Hearing.

Bucks County and Quakertown Law Office Explains DUI Process

Arraignment in Bucks County

If your case is not dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing, you will have your Arraignment in Doylestown.  If you represented by a Quakertown DUI Attorney you can have your Arraignment “waived” so you do not have to appear.  This is helpful so you don’t have to waste a day in court for a procedural step.

Trial Date/ARD Day

If you are admitted into the ARD program for a first offense DUI, you will go to court on a day designated for ARD candidates.  You will not have to surrender your license to the Bucks County Courts on the day of court.  In a few weeks after your court date, you will receive a letter from PennDot regarding surrendering your license.

If you are a non-ARD candidate, you will go to court and have a trial or will plead guilty to an arrangement your DUI attorney made with the prosecutor.  As you can anticipate, you will have to discuss with your attorney well before the trial date what strategy is best for you.  If your attorney has not arranged to a deferral of sentence, you must be ready for jail in the even you are found guilty (or if you plead guilty).

As such, given the high-stakes behind a DUI in Upper Bucks County, you must call a local, DUI lawyer in Upper Bucks County to find out what strategy and defense is best for you.


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