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If this is your first DUI, you may qualify for the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (“ARD”) program.  This is a program authorized by law and run by individual District Attorney’s offices.  Each county has different requirements and different peculiar rules regarding the ARD program.

For Bucks County, the ARD program is quite technical.  Even if you have a prior offense, you may qualify for a Bucks County ARD.  Even if you are not a Quakertown resident, you may be entitled to admission into the program.

If you have a DUI in Bucks County and you are admitted into the ARD program, you will not have any jail time as part of your sentence.  You will have a period of probation of either 6 or 12 months.  Perhaps most importantly to most individuals charged with a Quakertown area DUI, your record will be expunged after successfully completing the ARD program in Bucks County.

Further Issues for First Offense DUI’s in Quakertown

You will still have a driver’s license if you are in Tier 2 or Tier 3.  If you are below .10, there is no license suspension.  If you have a DUI in the Quakertown area and you are in need of advice, please make sure to contact Attorney Gail Marr for a free consultation.

To qualify for ARD, you will be required to complete a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation/CRN, Alcohol Highway Safety School, and perform 10 hours of community service.  You will also be required to pay court costs and fines.

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