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Bucks County Quakertown DUI Law Office

Quakertown DUI Lawyer

Protect Yourself and Your License.  Get a Quakertown DUI Lawyer, Former Law Enforcement Officer & Former Prosecutor.

You are scared and don’t know where to turn because you or someone you know has been charged with a Quakertown area DUI.  There are a lot of issues behind DUI laws that are not easily determined by searching online.  Since all consultations with Quakertown Attorney Paul Lang and Michael Parlow are free, you should contact her immediately about your Quakertown DUI case.  We are Quakertown DUI  defense lawyers who pride ourselves on helping people navigate Bucks County DUI cases.  DUI’s are scary.  Do not go it alone.

You are going to have a lot of questions when we meet — what happens to my license, will I go to jail, how long will the process take.  A local, Quakertown DUI lawyer will answer all of your questions, provide you DUI information, and provide you with a sound strategy (and peace of mind) regarding your particular DUI in Quakertown.  DUI is the most charged crime in America as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  You will have to get a lawyer to make sure you are well informed and well protected.

DUI Penalties License Suspension and More

It is important to know that DUI’s in Bucks County carry potential jail time, a license suspension, and a period of probation.  Individuals also may have to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation, complete Alcohol Highway Safety School, pay court costs and fines, and be subject to insurance rate increases because of a DUI.

Paul Lang, Esquire & Michael Parlow, Esquire have an office in the Quakertown area and provides free consultations and has evening hours.

Call now for a free, no-obligation consultation so Quakertown Driving Under the Influence lawyer, Paul Lang, can answer your questions.

Quakertown DUI Law Firm provides information about DUI practice, DUI license suspensionDUI penalties, and the DUI process.


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